The Farwell-Kensington Sanitary District will be flushing hydrants in the City of Kensington on

Wednesday, April 24 & Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Note:  Please be aware that your tap water may be discolored during this time.  Once flushing has subsided, we encourage homeowners to run the cold water until the water runs clear prior to drinking the water or doing laundry.  If you have a water softener and are experiencing discolored water, place the unit into regeneration or cleaning mode once hydrant flushing has been completed.

Hydrants are flushed for two reasons: First, it ensures high quality water by removing any sediment in the water-mains. Second, during flushing every fire hydrant in town is exercised.  This is good for the hydrant and is also a means to identify malfunction hydrants so they can be repaired before being needed in an emergency.