Engan’s South Elementary School Assessment

Engan Associates was hired by the City of Kensington to provide a conditions assessment of the current South Elementary School in Kensington.  In July of 2020, the City received correspondence from Mr. Hogie asking if the City was interested in negotiating a contract to take possession of the current South Elementary building to avoid demolition costs for the district.  The City of Kensington felt it was important to determine the actual condition of the building to help the City determine if they have any interest in taking possession of the building.  Engan Associates, along with structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers provided the City of Kensington with a report that addressed the following items: site and pavement grading, sidewalks, building façade, roofing, foundation, flooring, interior paint & ceilings, gym/stage, lower level, office space, common spaces, ADA accessibility exterior, ADA accessibility interior/plumbing, electrical lighting/electrical service, mechanical, HVAC, fire sprinkler system, and structural items.  Engan Associates also submitted a clarification letter to the City of Kensington after seeing numerous inaccuracies regarding the report at the school board meeting and conveyed by Mr. Hogie in the school board article published in the he Grant County Herald on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.  The City of Kensington has posted the report in its entirety along with Mr. Engan’s responses. Thank You 

Clarification of Inaccuracies

Clarification of Inaccuracies

Clarification of Inaccuracies

The City of Kensington realizes that the school building bond referendum has gotten to be a difficult and heated subject and people have differing opinions; however, the City of Kensington wishes to clarify inaccuracies published in the Grant County Herald article from the WCA School Board on Wed, October 27, 2021.  In this article Mr. Hogie “recalls that the City of Kensington originally presented the school board with two options for a new South Elementary location in Kensington, and it was only after the board decided to accept Hoffman’s proposal that the City of Kensington expressed an interest in refurbishing the current building”.  This statement is inaccurate.  On July 7, 2021, Mr. Hogie, Mrs. Nessman and Mr. Grosz were present at the Kensington City Council Meeting to discuss site options the school had researched for a new building in Kensington.  At that meeting both Mayor Schecker and Council Member Gran on two separate occasions asked if the South Elementary School could be renovated and this was further discussed but the council was told that renovation of South elementary was not an option that was being presented.  On July 20, 2021, the City of Kensington presented its offer to purchase and donate land in Kensington for a new school.  The City of Kensington was then notified on July 22, 2021, by Mr. Hogie, that the school board chose to pursue a parcel of land in Hoffman.  The City of Kensington felt that was important to clarify the inaccuracies regarding the matter.

Jim Schecker, Mayor

Jennifer Kangas, City Clerk

John Gran, Council Member

Randy Petersen, Council Member

Emmy Maheux, Council Member

Mike Johnson, Council Member


Important Notice Regarding Sewer Lines and Lift Stations

Non Flushable Items Letter

IMPORTANT NOTICE ‐ Wipes & Personal Hygiene Products Clog Sewer Lines!

Many household products are labeled and marketed as DISPOSABLE and/or FLUSHABLE; many baby and adult personal hygiene products, along with household wipes and cleaning towelettes are labeled both disposable and flushable. While these products may be marketed as a convenience item in this way, the truth is that these types of items have the ability to cause blockage and service problems with both your private sewer line and with the public sewer system and pump stations.

Unlike toilet paper, these products DO NOT break down once they are flushed. They can cause blockages in your private sewer line, especially older pipelines that may have greases, roots, or other obstructions already existing. A repair of your private sewer line can leave you as the homeowner or business owner with a very costly sewer repair.

On a larger scale, when these products make their way into the public sewer system which is owned by the Farwell Kensington Sanitary District, they collect together, causing very large obstructions and clogs in the main lines and get tangled in the pumps in the lift stations requiring very costly repairs or replacement of equipment.

What We All Can Do To Help…

The following items should NEVER be flushed into the sewer system:
Disinfecting/surface wipes Mop or “Swiffer” type refills
Baby wipes Paper towels
Jewelry wipes Pet care wipes
Cosmetic wipes First Aid wipes
Disposable diapers or diaper liners Bio-pads (nursing home, home health care, etc.)
Cotton swabs Feminine hygiene products
Toilet cleaning pads ANY Moist type towelettes
Prophylactics (Condoms)

Every home and business have a sewer connection to the public sewer system. This connection runs from the home or business to the sewer main where it is connected to the public sewer system. This private sewer line is the responsibility of the home or business owner to keep clear so there are no back‐ups of wastewater into the home or business. Save yourself and the Farwell Kensington Sanitary District from very costly repairs and/or replacement bills and please remember…… Do not flush any of the items listed above; place them in the trash, not the toilet!

If you have questions regarding the above information, please contact the Farwell Kensington Sanitary District office at 320-965-2500.